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16 Benefits of a Physio Led Pilates Class

How many of you have been to a Pilates class where there are 10+ people in a hall trying to follow the instructor who is demonstrating at the front? Have you ever felt unsure if you were doing it right or felt like you weren’t feeling the exercises worked the muscles they were supposed to? Have you felt like you were sore after a class (not in a good, “I’ve been healthily working my body” way), were bloated, maybe suffered a few mishaps on the bladder front, or found you were stiffer or taking a deep breath was harder?

If any of this sounds familiar perhaps joining a Physio led Pilates class is for you! Here are our top 16 reasons for joining one now!

1. The initial one to one session before attending a class allows the Physio to identify the areas that need to be worked on, unique to you, and understand the reasons behind any problems with movement or your health you may have.

2. Understanding your medical history gives more insight in how best to help you get the most from classes.

3. Combining our Physio knowledge of the body, injury, recovery and movement with the one to one assessment will reassure you that each exercise you are asked to do will be appropriate for you and your body to give you the most benefit.

4. You are safe and being looked after by your Physio in class and can feel reassured you will be doing the best thing for your body right NOW.

5. You won’t be asked to do anything that would put you at risk of hurting yourself.

6. Small class numbers of 7 or less means you will get heaps of individual attention and be kept an eye on during the whole class!

7. The Physio can make small adjustments to an area that “drives” the problems you are experiencing giving you a big change, ease and improvement in your movement.

8. Each exercise can be modified specifically to you and the level you are at.

9. We know which cues (whether that is hands on or verbal) you need for your body to give it the best response to each exercise.

10. You can start a class whilst you are continuing with your treatment or rehab.

11. The latest evidence on movement, mechanics, training and rehab will be applied to your class and each exercise by your Physio.

12. If you plateau with any exercise or with your movement in general during class, we can help identify other causes and areas to work on.

13. Each exercise can be modified to keep you moving, even if you have an acute problem at the moment.

14. We will tell you if we think our Pilates classes are not the best thing for you to be doing right now and give you alternatives.

15. We have underfloor heating! Say no more!

16. Our classes are good fun and we believe creating a lovely sense of community in the classes adds to the overall experience and benefits of the class.

If you want to know more about Physio led Pilates classes please click here. Alternatively give us a call on 01548 852355.