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NEW…Balance, Mobility & Bone Strength Pilates

We are starting a special new Pilates group for those people who find getting into a lying down position on the floor from standing difficult.

Pilates is perfect for older adults as it is a controlled form of exercise focusing on functional movements.
As people get older they can lose the ability to balance easily. This group will work on the strength of the trunk muscles and leg muscles as well as practising balance movements in a safe way. Gradually over time balance will improve and reduce the risk of falls.
This group will be perfect for those people that have had knee or hip replacements and find that kneeling or lying on their sides is difficult. All exercises will be performed in a standing or sitting positions which will mean that mobility and strengthening exercises can be performed comfortably.

What about other age related conditions?

Osteoporosis- the standing and weight bearing exercises can help to increase bone density in the lower limbs and spine. Upper limbs can be helped by the resisted exercises that will be performed with exercise bands and small weights.

Arthritis- NICE recommends exercise as one of the first line treatments to maintain range of movement and strength around joints.

Parkinson’s disease- Pilates has been recognised as a brilliant way of keeping as mobile as possible with breathing exercises as well as working on balance to reduce the risk of falls.

If you are interested in this group, contact us to arrange a date for an assessment by one of our physiotherapists. The group is due to start on the 14th July 2015 at 11am. It’s going to be great!

Posted by Wendy July 2015