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Our Christmas Gift To You

It's the final countdown!! With just days to go, is your fridge stocked up with Christmas goodies and do you have a tree laden with sparkly lights...or....have you got your baubles in a twist and find yourself launching into the mad, last minute rush to buy something special for a friend or loved one?
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This Might Melt Your Heart…It’s Never Too Late!

Ok so...it is officially December!!! Lug the decorations out of the loft and grab the mince pies! Too soon?! The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists have released a Christmas video, "Never Too Late" about 'doing more of what you love with physio'...
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Wanna Play a Game?

Want to know what snakes and ladders has got to do with Physio and John Cleese? Read on to find out more!
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Gents, Pelvic Floor Strengthening Is Not Just In The Female Domain! Oh No No No!

Gents, are things not as you'd like down South? Prostate problems? Pelvic floor strengthening isn't just for the ladies!
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Endometriosis & Physio – The Low Down on Down Low!

Physio for endometriosis - YES it's true. Read on to find out how Wendy can help you!
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Top Tips For Looking After Yourself Following Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery

If you are about to have or have had recently surgery on your lovely tummy or undercarriage, read on for some top tips on what to do to help yourself get well quickly!
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Endometriosis Agony

Are you one of the 2 in 10 lovely ladies who suffer the agony of endometriosis? If so read on...
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Winter Schminter, You Can’t Catch Me!

Hows your skin faring this winter? Bit of a "glow" already and not in a good way? Want some help? Read on to find out more.
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Would You Like More Happiness In Your Life?

Want one simple thing to do that is guaranteed to bring more happiness to your life? Read this, it's spot on and we love it!
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Why Is It Easier to Stick to Your Physio Exercises Sometimes and Not Others?

Sticking to exercises when you know they are going to help you is like a big game of snakes and ladders. There is some really interesting psychology behind it all. Read on to find out more and be reassured you aren't alone!
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