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Can Your Body Shape Who You Are

Can Your Body Shape Who You Are?

Last week I introduced how our emotions can play a huge part in how our body feels and moves. Likewise our body can greatly affect our mind. Taking this a step further this week I want to explore how, not only can the body change the mind, but your mind can change how we feel, how we interact and behave and consequently change the outcomes in our lives.

I was first introduced to this TED talk by one of my best friends, Paula. We met at uni and have enjoyed an incredible journey since with our career and friendship as we strive to nurture and grow self belief and confidence. Paula told me she had done a big presentation to a room full of surgeons and health professionals about our ConnectTherapy™  learning and how it has changed our Physio practice. WOW. I would have been a quivering wreck of nerves with a sweaty, red face, unable to think clearly or calmly about my topic let alone speak about it, without needing sips of water ever 4th word! I was in awe of Paula. When I asked how she did it, Paula replied,

“I went to the loo and stood like Wonder Women for a few minutes and I was fine! Powerful, calm, composed, confident and relaxed.”

Paula explained she had recently watched a TED talk by Amy Cuddy, a Social Psychologist, Professor and Researcher at Harvard Business school. Good credentials I thought, I want a little of this myself! I can safely say, IT WORKS!

I’d like to share this talk with you today. It is amazing! It just shows how your body position can hugely change your brain and it’s chemistry in 2 minutes thus affecting how you feel and behave. It also highlights “fake it till you make it” and “fake it till you become it” is a great and valid strategy for us to use and can dramatically change how our life unfolds!


So this week, your “One Thing” to do is to try power posing for 2 minutes each day, whether that is before a stressful or difficult situation or before you do your rehab exercises. Small tweaks can make significant changes to the outcomes in your life!

Enjoy everyone!