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Feeling Less Comfy On Your Sun Lounger Than You’d Like?

My recent excursion to sunny Ibiza was thankfully one of relaxation and calm merriment not the club-tastic mayhem I had feared. Phew.  In an effort to soak up some rays without the interruption of a small child I found myself flat out on a sun lounger for a few hours.  “This will be marvellous”, I thought, as I lay back to read my book.  Er no! It was darn uncomfortable.   The next 45 minutes were a total wriggle-fest of trying to get comfy whilst hold the weight of my book in a way as to not block the rays from bouncing off my lily white reflective body!

I tried many a position; lying on my back, semi-reclined, like a seal, on my tummy with head dangling off the edge of the lounger, book on the floor.  You name it,  I tried it.  Reading less than a chapter, I gave up and went in search of the Rosé.

A few years ago I had a problem in my neck caused by a disc protrusion which meant I couldn’t work for a few months. I have no residual problems on a day to day basis so why did I struggle reading a book on the sun lounger?  Several of my clients have reported similar problems in the past too.  Relaxation is so important and I want to be able to carefully toast myself under a factor 50 blanket if I so chose with my favourite book.  So, here are a few pointers that will help;

1: Make sure you have some support for your head

A folded up towel will do perfectly.  If you need a pillow to feel comfy in bed it is highly likely you will need something under your head whilst on a lounger (or on the sand).

2: Move yourself regularly

The thing you are lying on (sand or lounger) is never going to be as comfy as your bed so help your body out by change position to avoid overloading regions of your body.

3: If trying to do the seal position

Lying on your tummy propped up on your elbows is very easy way to aggravate any neck or back problems.  This is the cobra position in Pilates and Yoga and you would never sustain this position for 20minute! It is a challenging movement to do optimally and requires good triceps. Allowing your neck poke forwards or sag from your shoulder blades can easily aggravate neck or back problems.  Try to avoid sustaining this position.

4: Dangling your head

Lying on your tummy, book on the floor with your head dangling off the edge of a sun lounger demands great endurance in the muscles of the neck and spine.  If you have any niggles in these regions best to avoid this position.

The answer my friends is the beloved audiobook!  What a relief.  Total relaxation and no greasy sun-cream finger marks all over your book!  All you have to deal with now is wrapping yourself up in your head phone leads! Next year, perhaps I will invest in some bluetooth headphones and nirvana awaits!

Please can I ask you to forward this on to your family and friends who may benefit from this info.  If we spread the word we can save many people from missing out on doing the things they love.  If you get any symptoms whilst relaxing, please also get in touch.  There are loads of things that can be done and we want to help you.  Relaxation is a vital part of maintaining our wellbeing.  Something many of us struggle with.  Don’t let your body dictate your relaxation activities!  Physio can help you.  Call us on 01548 852355 if you have any questions or want to make an appointment to get some help or email info@quayphysio.co.uk.