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How to Get Movement That Feels Amazing

Last week I talked through the process of how we identify your driver(s), the regions of your body causing the problems you are experiencing.  If you missed it click here.  Today I’m going to tell you about how we treat your driver(s) to get you moving in a way you didn’t think was possible and feel awesome again!

Feeling your movement hard,  effortful,  painful become instantly light,  fluid,  effortless and pain free when your driver is corrected is a WOW moment!  We hear you say this word all the time when it happens!  This is a powerful experience for everyone but mind-blowing for those who have had pains and problems for years, have been told (or believe yourself) that there is nothing that can be done or that you must live with it.

Correcting your driver, optimising your body and movement, causes a powerful chemical cascade in your brain and nervous system. You realise change is possible,  movement can feel good again,  your pain disappears,  you can do things you thought you’d never do again or be able to do and your world opens up.  Your treatment has already commenced! 

“So I just need you to come with me and hold me like that all day!” we hear you say all the time when we correct your driver.  The great news is that isn’t necessary unless you are off to a Caribbean Island somewhere for a week or two!  It is important we teach you ways of helping yourself early on so you don’t need to rely on us.  We will teach and train you to correct yourself in the same way we do, using your own hands but also  and most importantly for those long term changes and outcomes train your body to hold yourself in the right way so you don’t need us and more passive ways of being treated.

The aim of treatment is to create more options and variability in how you move and use your body so that you can use your new, more optimal strategy of controlling your driver across the many different tasks you do everyday. This in turn changes your experience in your body and all the benefits that holds.  In ConnectTherapy there are 2 common themes that run throughout your treatment.

a) Release your old patterns and create options for movement. 

You can’t train something new if you are stuck using non-optimal muscles and movement patterns. Commonly you aren’t even aware of this so we address your awareness so you can start making changes.  It is also easy to go back to your old movement habits between appointments in the early stages so we teach you ways of preventing this and stopping it when it does happen.

b) Support, teach and train new movement strategies and control. 

We start by teaching and training control of your driver whilst you do something very simple like breathing.  This small movement of your ribcage is often challenging enough in the early stages and you do it all day everyday!  By establishing a foundation for optimal control of your driver in one task we can progress to other simple things like using your arms or squatting.  These building block movements are involved in things you do everyday like sitting down, driving, doing the dishes or cooking. With these mastered we up the challenge to incorporate more complex movement patterns in different directions also challenging your balance.

Think of the possibilities and how this can change your life.  Change is possible.  It is never too late.

We hope helping you understand the process of what we do and why will help you stay on track with your treatment and training because lets be honest,  it’s easy to let things slip once you start feeling better and also if you have a blip along the way which you most likely will!

The rehab journey is like a game of snakes and ladders.  You will always hit a snake but you will also always find a ladder if you stay positive, focused, stick with it and keep going.  It’s a bit like life!

If you have any questions or to book an appointment please contact us now on 01548 852355 or email info@quayphysio.co.uk.