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How To Transform Your Life

We all strongly believe at the HealthHub how interconnected our body and mind is and that in order to be truly healthy and well,  full of vitality,  joy and loving our life,  the whole person needs to be looked at not just one bit!  Unsurprisingly,  this concept of loving your life is a challenging one and bound up in layers of beliefs and behaviours that we are often totally unaware of.

Any trauma or stress in our lives, whether that is physical or emotional can cause us to unravel in a whole heap of different ways.  We all have our own barriers too,  whether we know about them or not,  that can make our road to becoming healthy and well very challenging.  In the treatment room we encounter so many lovely people who have unhealthy perceptions of themselves and their lives and because of these their physical goals become so very hard if not impossible to achieve.

So, because of this,  we are super excited to announce our new team member,  Georgina Lynch!  George is joining us this September offering Transformational Life Coaching.  What is that I hear you say?!  Well,  like us,  George believes there is no one size fits all when dealing with us wonderfully unique human beings.  Because of this, she has got a whole heap of qualifications in different areas to draw on so your journey is tailored specific to you.  From her background in counselling, coaching and mentoring to her yoga and own personal journey with body and mind she has so much to draw on. Ultimately her role is to help you love your life and the person in the staring role, ie; you!

So you can get to know George better she is running an exciting free workshop at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th September at the HealthHub.  Called “5 Ways to Start Loving Your Life” it will give you easy, real, achievable, tried and tested things you can do to make a massive difference to how you feel about yourself and your life.  It also works! Simple as that.  So, please spread the word and come along to this free, hour long session,  you won’t be disappointed!

If you have any questions for George or would like to know more about her and her services please check out our website; or call 07495 735778 / 01548 852355.

Have a great week and we shall look forward to seeing you on the 18th.  I hope you can make!