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In Focus… Adam Davis

Job Title: Sports Massage Therapist

“I am currently offering sports massage and rehabilitation services at Quay Physio on a Saturday morning. Alongside part time work in private practice, I am also studying for a physiotherapy degree at UWE Bristol. I am a huge lover of all things sport (mainly rugby!) and have been fortunate enough to work with rugby teams including New Zealand and Australia, professional cyclists and athletes.”

What is it that you love about your job?
There are three main things I love about my job. The first being that from just one sports massage session I can help someone who has been suffering with a long term issue and make day to day life that bit easier and pain free. The second is being able to keep people injury free from continued sports massage, educating them on how to keep as mobile as possible with a number of different exercises. The third is I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world with sports massage and been part of British team successes in multiple sports.
Name three benefits to having a Sports Massage?
1. Increased range of movement and education of exercises to increase flexibility
2. Reduced pain from muscle tightness and spasm
3. The feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders!
Plans for 2017?
  • Completing my first year of my physiotherapy degree.
  • Running a team of therapists for the Rugby Autumn Internationals in Cardiff and the Cricket World Cup.
  • Learning to surf (once the weather improves!)
  • Explore more of Devon having only been here since September 2016 (Any tips I’m all ears!)

Can I have a sports massage if I don’t do sport?

Absolutely, the majority of people I see tend to be those who are working hard often at desks and end up having real tightness around their neck and shoulders!

Will a sports massage hurt?
No is the easy answer. As a sports massage therapist I will always look to work to each patients requirements. Yes, it can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable but that tends to be due to a niggly muscle that we are trying to fix for you!
Is there anything that I can do at home to help my aches?
Yes there is! The first purchase I would recommend is a foam roller, these are great at working through the muscles of the body and reducing those aches and pains. (If you’re struggling with how to use it feel free to pop in and ask me!) The second is to purchase spikes balls which are sold at QuayPhysio, these help get into the smaller muscles which the foam roller misses! I would recommend booking in for a sports massage before trying this one though!
So take some time out to focus on YOU. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour massage appointments. To book a sports massage with Adam or Charlotte call 01548 852355 or email info@quayphysio.co.uk.