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Super exciting news everyone...

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Opportunity in Whole Health Modern Clinic All About Feeling Good

We are looking for someone who is after more than a job. This is an opportunity to grow with a team of exceptional therapists and allied health professionals who make a difference to peoples whole health, wellbeing and their lives. We have exciting plans and are looking for someone who will work hard with us to make it happen.

The Company:

QuayPhysio help people who want keep moving,  active and doing the things the love with each passing year.  We believe that movement is key to overall health and wellbeing and that everything is connected in your body and mind.  We listen to and look at our clients as a whole person with a story to tell.  We believe in finding the cause of the problems not just treating the symptoms and by doing this we provide long term solutions that will keep our clients loving their body and life in the years to come, with age merely being a number!

The Position:

We’re looking for a full time Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Must have Pilates qualification and able to run varied small group classes. Acupuncture qualification is a plus (not a requirement). Self employed associate basis with potential in future for full employment.

 The Benefits:

  • Lively, fun and family-like atmosphere
  • Weekly continuing staff development meetings and clinical training.
  • Support in developing specialist role
  • Specialist training in ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring Approach
  • Relaxed yet highly professional atmosphere -  You get to wear smart casual clothes not a clinical uniform
  • Personal discount off REN products which we stock
  • Opportunity to look after your own body and practice what we preach!

The Location:

QuayPhysio is based at the HealthHub, Kingsbridge, Devon. This beautiful area of the country is called the South Hams and surrounded by fabulous beaches and rolling hills.

  • Many top rated schools
  • Lively local communities
  • Lots to do – sports, hiking and biking trails, climbing, water sports, craft and foodie heaven
  • Cities of Plymouth and Exeter only 1 hour away

Why Should You Apply?

  • Great team of highly experienced clinicians and other allied health professionals at QuayPhysio and the HealthHub
  • Shared ethos on whole person care in health and wellbeing
  • Excellent professional growth and advancement opportunities
  • Great team atmosphere and culture
  • One hour new patient appointments and 45minute reviews to spend time with clients and make an even bigger impact to their care
  • Small group classes
  • New, purpose built, modern clinic with studio / gym area, under floor heating, beautiful treatment rooms and surrounding area


Please send me your CV and include in your cover letter answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your favourite topic regarding health and wellbeing and why?
  2. When looking for a job which one of these is most important in choosing a job:  Money, perks or opportunity? (Choose only one!)
  3. If you were able to meet one hero, who would it be and why?

Please email us your CV and cover letter to the following email address:

The words serendipity, transformational and life changing are relevant and appropriate. Over twenty five years of searching in ever decreasing circles for help and relief, for a “chronic” back condition, finally lead me to the door to Quay Physio. From my first consultation, I knew it was going to be different. I was treated as an individual, my history was carefully researched, documented and understood. I was asked what I wanted to achieve, not told what I would be given. I was assessed and a clear plan of treatment was explained, agreed, (not imposed) and started.

The outcomes were quick, successful and long lasting, both physically and mentality. Quay Physio is a unique practice which excels in its quality, it’s environment, it’s customer service, and the personal approach to individuals. My life has changed, yours can too, heartfelt thanks to Vic and the team.

Desmond, Devon