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Massage Offer for August!

Do you feel?…

- Tightness in your muscles that doesn’t improve with stretching?
- You have lost or have limited movement in your shoulders, neck, hips, legs or back?
- Niggles that aren’t responding to your self help?
- You don’t recover as quick as you used to after your game / match?
- Older than you are or want to!
- Performance is suffering because of the above?
- You aren’t able to move like you used to and think it is just your age?

Let us help you! Quay member, Adam Davis is offering 45 minute massage appointments for £30 throughout August, (usually £34).

Quote August17 to use the offer. There are a limited number of appointments available, book now to avoid disappointment!

Since starting to compete in Triathlon I have sought Physio and sports massage support from QuayPhysio. I train daily, often twice a day so regular sports massage to complement my stretching routine is essential to keep my muscles as flexible as possible. This combined with the excellent tailored physiotherapy I have received when I have had to deal with injury and technique adjustment has enabled me to continue to compete. The team provide a professional but a comfortable and friendly service, which I have felt very confident with.


Sarah, British Paratriathlon Team