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Our Promise To You In 2017 V4

Our Promise To You In 2017

There has been so much going on in our heads in the last few months thinking about how we can help you get the most from your body in 2017. We know that the reason most of our New Year’s resolutions to get fit and exercise more fail is because MOVING simply DOESN’T FEEL GOOD! 

SO, in 2017 we are making a promise to you. We are going to help you MOVE and FEEL GREAT again! Here’s how we are going to do it……


 1. Empower you to make change in your life by giving you essential knowledge about your body and mind

Making change can often feel like a big old mountain to climb. Where do you start? But the best way to get there is little steps. So many things are connected and by focusing on one thing at a time you can start to make change in many areas. It’s never too late to make change. A good start point is learning to be kinder to ourselves…Check out this amazing TED talk from Brene Brown. With over 28million views it is an amazing place to start.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown


2. Give you invaluable guides to achieving your goals

We are going to give you heaps and heaps of amazing information about your body and mind that will help you. For FREE…Enough said!


3. Take the effort out of exercise

Moving is good for us but when it feels bad we simply don’t want to do it and certainly don’t enjoy it. Frustrating yes, changeable ABSOLUTELY! We will show you how.


4. Help you identify your biggest barriers to achieving your goals

There can be many many reasons why you don’t feel good in your body. Our body and mind are powerfully linked and each can effect the other.  The good news is our body can help your mind and vice versa your mind can help your body! We are going to help you understand what may be limiting your progress and most importantly how to change it.


5. Celebrate your successes

Because at the end of the day YOU ARE AMAZING!….even if you don’t feel it right now! What you achieve inspires us and inspires countless others too. So lets celebrate your success! Hooray!


We are going to give you all this for FREE!

Each week we will give you something new to think about. Like we said, focus on one thing at a time, little baby steps. Please pass this info on to anyone you think may benefit from it and sign up to our newsletter below. Let’s spread the word! Also let us know how you are getting on. We are here to support you every step of the way and celebrate your successes together!