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“Up your friendly”, It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week!


Next week is Parkinson’s awareness week.


Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2015 (20-26 April) is all about getting everyone to be a whole lot friendlier. Will you ‘up your friendly’?


Holding open a door or a little patience in a long queue can brighten up someone’s day. But for people with Parkinson’s, it can make all the difference.

Get ready for Parkinson’s Awareness Week, spread the word, and up your friendly.



Parkinson’s disease is often treated using a multidisciplinary approach but physiotherapy has most effect on the management of disabilities (abilities), impairment (participation) and the health of someone with Parkinson’s (World Health Organization, 1980).


The main aims of physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s disease are to:

  • work on postural awareness
  • techniques to correct poor posture
  • control of movement, including the trunk and limbs
  • exercises for weight transference and balance, requiring that people with Parkinson’s exercise at a cognitive level  (Keep Moving, 2003)

Research shows that strengthening, balance, co-ordination of movements and flexibility are best synchronised with breathing techniques similar to those techniques used in Pilates classes (Morris et al, 1999; Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, 2001; Plant et al, 2001).

Sometimes Pilates classes may not always be suitable, but having a regime of Pilates exercises to work on at home or with a physiotherapist that are tailored to functional needs can really help.

There is lots of useful information about Parkinson’s disease on the website www.parkinsons.org.uk or you can follow this link for a quick guide to Parkinson’s disease:



Posted by Wendy on 14.4.15