Our goal is to give you optimal body function and the awareness of
how to sustain your own desired levels of fitness and wellbeing.

"The Quay" to moving and feeling better. QuayPhysio is in Kingsbridge, in the beautiful South Hams area of Devon. It is a physiotherapy practice built on an open and honest philosophy that aims to get you better and keep you better. We don't just treat your symptoms; we treat the cause. By doing this, we believe we hold the key to getting you truly pain-free and moving correctly.


Physiotherapy at Quay Physio is about getting you to move and feel better. We want to help you understand what you need to do and why, in order for you to help yourself. Remember, you are the most important person in getting yourself better and feeling well. Learn More

Clinical Pilates

There are so many benefits to exercising and strengthening our core. These include improved posture, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and balance. It can also help us relax and reduce pain. Clinical Pilates is great for everyone, no matter what age, fitness or injury level. Learn More

Quay Services

We have recently had a few changes to our expanding team, which is made up of our two physiotherapists and receptionists. Learn More

quayphysio testimonials

Here are a few testimonials we have recently received which highlight how quayphysio fitness and wellbeing has helped a wide variety of people in different ways:


"Inspite of always having led an active life, I had developed problems with my neck and back, which gradually worsened. I could only assume that I was doing something wrong and needed to find out what! Victoria’s approach is quite different to any others I have experienced. She helped me understand why my body was hurting and concentrated on the deeper causes of the problem as opposed to merely treating my painful areas. I am now able to do more without the bad reactions I used to have. Thank you for giving me my body back!" - Liz

"I have been using quayphysio services for over a year now- initially to keep my legs in good shape for marathon running. This soon turned into rehab and maintenance following operations on both knees, which more latterly has evolved into ‘man’s club’, working on core strength and flexibility. Approachable, professional and always finding ways to keep me at my best. I rate the team highly!” – Pete

“Victoria, my Physiotherapist, is a truly professional consultant who quickly helped me to recover after keyhole surgery on my shoulder. I am 85 years old. I have met other Physiotherapists and Victoria is second to none.”

"Extremely capable Physiotherapist offering a unique one to one service which can be ongoing or combined with group Pilates where class sizes are limited to allow strictly monitored and individually tailored exercise. I feel that my life has been revitalised over the last 18 months. I first came to see Victoria with a slipped disc and a number of other problems- a bit of a project! Since then I have been able to go skiing twice and sailing in the Ionian because of quayphysio…and some hard work on my behalf too! Thank you so much” – Alice"Very pleasant, welcoming and efficient treatment. Great improvement after the first treatment too, thank you”

" A lifetime of back pain, osteopaths and Physio meant that digging in the garden of lifting anything would guarantee an instant visit to be manipulated back into some sort of shape which could last a few weeks at best. Vic has changed all that. I still have to be careful, but I can dig and garden now if I make sure that I pace myself. If I have a painful twinge I can do exercises that Vic has taught me"

"I’d got to the point of feeling ‘this is it’. A skiing accident 9 yrs ago had brought about a tremendous change to my physical ability. A long haul of diagnostics and operations had brought me to a point of acceptance. I had heard very favourable comments about Victoria at quayphysio. Since my first consultation with her, I haven’t failed to make progress, physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel I have support and guidance. Just do it! Great assessment, great plan of action and a very positive confirmation of progress”


"The Best course of Massage I have ever had- Kate has natural ability accompanied by a lovely personality"

"Kate's massage, perfect for relaxation but foremost helped my running injury, say no more!!"


"I have been attending Victoria’s Pilates classes for a year and a half. I can’t believe the change in my mobility and strength. The periods between disc problems in my back gets longer and longer- so I’m pain free for longer and longer! Couldn’t live without it, thank you Vic” – Kate

"I had been a yoga enthusiast for many years, but had to stop a couple of years ago because I found floor work too painful, in particular lying on my back. I had done little excercise since then. I fell eighteen months ago and broke my left fifth metatarsal. I then developed right hip bursitis.I found walking more & more painful. I was advised to have cortisone injections, but these didn't help.  I eventually came to Quay Physio then joined a regular pilates class. At first I found the excercises rather strange & wondered whether I would be able get to grips with them! I didn't feel I was doing anything much. The moves were quite subtle. In fact my brain hurt more than my body, which I wasn't used to! Then after quite a short time, I began to notice some improvement. A few months on & I think about the way I walk & move in general, have no pain to speak of & friends say my shape has changed...for the better! I regularly walk five plus miles, pain free & without limping. I can't beleive I'm going to be sixty in a few weeks, I feel better now than I have done for years and I hold you personally responsible, Vic!"

"12 months after starting my weekly Pilates class, I reap the rewards daily…feeling stronger, walking taller, moving better. Another benefit is that my body has better shape and tone. I have more strength for cycling and balance for skiing. In fact, I feel great! Having practiced yoga, I found Pilates a different discipline. The class was challenging right from the beginning and still is! The group is small and the attention is individually tailored to each of us…Vic knows us all very well. Vic is enthusiastic, motivating, reassuring and supportive, and always makes us want to go the extra mile! Pilates has truly made a difference in my life” – Ruth

"Pilates has made me much more aware of my body movement or core muscle control, making me feel more relaxed and confident in many ways”

"My problems areas are posture, lower back and lack of strength in tummy muscles. Pilates has helped in my awareness and strength, and in general wellbeing and flexibility. Thank you so much, I love the class!” - Jules

"Pilates classes are fun and varied, they are not just exercises, it requires mental effort. You are thinking about the breathing, control of the inner core and isolating particular muscles at the same time as doing the exercise. It can be very challenging and great when it all begins to work as it should. My whole physical shape has improved and I have lost those extra pounds I have wanted to lose so badly for years" - Marianne

"I now have less pain, more strength and movement. Posture has improved loads, making day to day movements easier and exercise more fluid. Classes are great, and putting it into practice by swimming etc.”

"I now have far more flexibility and I am discovering muscles that I haven’t used in years. I am feeling much fitter. My body shape seems to be improving”


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