Functional Strength & Conditioning

We believe the more confident you are, the better you move, the stronger and more controlled you get, the more ROBUST you will be.....

….the more confident you get. Its an endless cycle of good stuff!

Addressing these things will guard against problems in the future. Why make the effort to get over an injury or illness and not put in a bit more work to get yourself in tip top shape? That is why all the top athletes and teams have trainers that work alongside the Physio’s and Doctors. So take that next step now and feel great!

Our Functional Strength & Conditioning is all about improving your body’s general movement, agility, fluidity, strength and conditioning. After injury or illness this is vital otherwise we leave ourselves vulnerable to further problems. It also makes us more robust leading to an easier return to our chosen sporting or functional activities whether that is marathon training or doing a spot of gardening.

The clever bit…..

Following an injury or illness our brains often still move us in the protected, guarded, careful way, even though we aren’t too sore or sore at all. Our brain’s kind of forget how we should be moving properly. Likewise, when we are worried about certain movements like picking something off the floor, because we think our back might “go” again, we can move in odd, stiff ways, using too many muscles which makes the task harder, more awkward and fearful. We lose the efficiency and flow of normal movement, plus our confidence too! Addressing these issues will help make you more robust and guard against further problems.

Returning to activity after injury can be really scary. Your confidence can be really affected and that in itself will stop you moving properly. Because our trainer works with our Physio’s, you can rest assured that the things he wants you to do are perfectly allowed, good, appropriate things to be doing for your body to get you strong, agile, controlled and moving well. Often you will be even better than before your injury!

Being specific with your training is important too. Many activities and sports use certain muscles and movement patterns so it makes sense to tailor your programme to train the right things not be generic. Again, it’s quite simple but when done well can be really effective.

Functional Strength & Conditioning options at QuayPhysio are…

  • 1 to 1 training
  • Small group training

What are you waiting for?….. get training and feel great!

Before I started training I was running three times a week but had knee and back problems. I was carrying a little more weight that I would have liked. My self esteem and confidence were low. After an initial consultation I was devised a strengthening programme, which, within six weeks I would see an improvement in my body shape and felt stronger and more motivated. Having trained now for a year I am a lot happier with my toned and contoured body. I feel amazing and am more confident than ever before. By strengthening my body in the right way I now no longer suffer from back or knee pain. I can’t recommend Martin at QuayPhysio highly enough. He is a really grew Personal Trainer. He knows me well and can push me to achieve results. Work outs are no longer a punishment, intact they are something I look forward to! Thank you.

Andrea, Devon