Sports Physio

Whether you are a budding amateur or a seasoned pro anyone may be unlucky enough to get injured.

Or you may have a little (or big) niggle that is preventing  you feeling like you are moving or performing as well as you could.

Good movement should feel effortless, smooth, fluid and efficient. Is that how you feel when you do your sport? If not, call us now to make an appointment. Sometimes the simplest things can help you improve how your body feels, moves and will ultimately improve your performance. Getting that extra few yards with your golf swing is possible!

Each sport puts different loads on our body. Sometimes we get into some bad habits that overload different areas causing them to get sore, inflamed, strained, tight or weak. By understanding what is involved with your sport and how your unique body is moving we can retrain your movement patterns. This makes you move better, feel better, more efficient, robust and less likely to get injured again!

Just about to take up a new sport?  Why not come and see us so we can assess how you are moving and start you moving right from the start. You will get the best from your body then and avoid those injury pitfalls. 

If we can’t help you we are fortunate enough to work with some excellent Sports Medicine Doctors and Orthopaedic Consultants  Their brains are really big and they can help you get where you want to go if we can’t!

I have been using quayphysio services for over a year now- initially to keep my legs in good shape for marathon running. This soon turned into rehab and maintenance following operations on both knees, which more latterly has evolved into ‘man’s club’, working on trunk control and flexibility. Approachable, professional and always finding ways to keep me at my best. I rate the team highly!

Pete, Devon