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The 1 Thing To Do In 2017

The ONE Most Important & Easiest Thing To Do For Your Body & Mind in 2017

The New Year brings so much with it, expectation, excitement and oodles of self promises about how we want to better ourselves and our lives. So we also start the year with a HUGE amount of pressure on our shoulders and rarely a REALISTIC and SUPPORTIVE plan in place to help us achieve our goals.

At QuayPhysio, we recognise that so many of our clients don’t think that anyone can help them. You’ve had your problem for years, lived with it, let it dictate what activities you do, often causing you to miss out on doing those things you love and that make you feel good. WHAT a SHAME!!!

We know that you worry things will deteriorate further. You still have so much you want to do, in the garden or with your grandchildren, but your body is letting you down and imposing limits on you that make you feel frustrated, sad, down and powerless.

Here’s the exciting thing…. WE CAN HELP YOU!

YES it’s true. We’ve already helped hundreds of people like you get rid of pain they’d lived with for years, be able to garden a full day with no payback for the next week, go for that long coastal walk that they never thought they’d do again,  go skiing again but this time do it even better!

“The words serendipity, TRANSFORMATIONAL and LIFE CHANGING are relevant and appropriate. Over 25 years of searching in ever decreasing circles for help and relief, from a “chronic” back condition, finally lead me to QuayPhysio. From my first consultation, I knew it was going to be different. I was treated as an individual, my history was carefully researched, documented and understood. I was asked what I wanted to achieve, not told what I would be given. My whole body and movement was assessed and a clear plan of treatment was explained, agreed, (not imposed) and started. 

The outcomes were quick, successful and long lasting, both physically and mentally. QuayPhysio is a unique practice which excels in its quality, it’s environment, it’s customer service, and the personal approach to individuals. My life has changed, yours can too, heartfelt thanks to the team.”  

Lisa, Devon

You guy’s AMAZE US! We love working with you. It is such a joy to see your world open up when we show you and you feel that the pain and movement problems you’ve had for ages can disappear and that you are actually more in control of your symptoms than you realise. How EMPOWERING is that!

So if YOU would like to be a priority in your life in 2017, if you want to

  • Feel confident again about your body, how you move, what activities you can do
  • Be able to do those things you love again that bring you so much joy
  • Feel happy again looking in the mirror

and so importantly, want to

  • Be cared for, valued and supported whilst you go on this exciting journey,

LET US HELP YOU! The most important and easiest thing to do for your body and mind in 2017….Pick up that phone or email now to book your appointment and see your world and your future open up. CALL US NOW on 01548 852355 or email info@quayphysio.co.uk


And p.s, the weight loss and toning can happen too!



Love the QuayPhysio Team