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What is Normal 0-8 Weeks After Delivery

The first thing to reassure you about after your baby arrives is that everyone is different.  Everyone has different labours and deliveries just as equally as everyone has different support systems and expectations postnatal.  The all important 4th trimester is one of great importance not only for baby but for you too as you adjust to your new role and get to know your little one.

Here are a few points about what is normal to expect in the first 8 weeks after delivery.  This is such an important time of healing. so please please give yourself time to adjust and listen to your body.

  • You may feel like your bottom is falling out and not know how you should be standing or sitting
  • You may experience pain in your back, hips or pubic area
  • You may have difficulty controlling your bladder, bowels or wind
  • Your neck, arms, back and hips may be sore as you adjust to lifting and feeding your baby
  • You will have some postnatal bleeding (lochia) which can last from 2-8weeks

What to do to help you heal

There are a few things you can do to help you heal along the way such as;

  • Try not to slouch when sitting, standing, feeding or carrying your baby.  Use pillows to support your back and baby.  It is important you develop good postural habits now, as good habits can prevent future problems.
  • Begin to gently contract your pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles.   Your pain should not increase when you use these muscles gently.   Slowly increase the number of contractions and start by holding each one for up to 5 seconds (10 seconds is your goal).   Come and see us to ensure you are doing these correctly.
  • Stretch your back, buttocks and shoulders to help relieve soreness.
  • Rest is just as important as exercise at this stage so allow yourself time to adjust and take time to listen to your body!