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What To Do If You Are Struggling To Exercise Even Though You Know It Will Help You

My darling friend came to stay recently and we got to talking about exercise.  I have long been totally impressed and in awe of how she manages to exercise most days, even at the end of a crazy busy day and then can fall asleep at the drop of a hat immediately afterwards.  So many people extoll the virtues of the importance of exercise for physical and mental health yet why do so many of us still find it so darn hard to start the process and keep doing it?

There in, lies the secret!  Guisey had been passed a gem of a quote by a patient of hers which totally nails it.

“Don’t think about how you feel going in to it,  think about how you will feel at the end”.

Boom!  I, like most people get hung up on how I am feeling now and how hard it is to do it when I’m so pooped at the end of the day,  when Evelyn is finally asleep,  I’ve tidied up,  finished some work off,  cooked and eaten dinner etc etc.  Instead,  I need to be focusing on how amazing I will feel at the end, which you obviously do!  When I started my first thought was how chuffed I was that I’d actually done it.  Hooray.

I felt looser,  stronger,  more energised and I know my heart was happy I’d finally increased it’s rate by exercising instead of relying on daily doses of adrenaline!  The next day too I felt better.  I could reverse the car with more ease,  I sprang up the stairs easier.

We all know how important it is to exercise yet the vast majority of us find it super hard to do.  There is no judgement here from me or those at the Hub.  We are all super aware of the challenges we all face in this battle to get moving and stay moving.  We just want to help you and make it easier for you,  firstly by telling you you aren’t alone!

Chris Evans was talking on the radio this morning about the power of exercise and an article in the Guardian on tips to keep exercising when life gets busy.  There were so many top points in it so please do check out this link.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about where to start or what to do, please please give us a call or email on the numbers below.  Lets do this and do this together!  It’s so much easier with support.

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