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Winter Schminter, You Can’t Catch Me!

It’s that time of year…I am excited!

I’m not going to mention the “C” word just yet (the festive one that is) but I’m sure you have smelt the crisp air these last few days?  It’s that time of year when we get out our winter woolies,  rediscover that beloved bobble hat and wash off our old muddy gloves in preparation for a blow around outside in the beautiful autumn / winter air.

But how many times do you wish balaclava’s were the epitome of country chic in order to protect your visage from the bitter winter wind?!?

I got totally caught out this weekend in Bristol when winter suddenly arrived, along with some sleet and I didn’t have my trusty scarf or roll neck jumper with me.  Doh!  Miraculously however,  my Rudolph nose wasn’t too badly affected and I haven’t become a crispy flaky red thing like usual when winter hits.  A-MAZ-ING!  To me,  this was a minor miracle and I can safely say there is only one explanation as to why.

REN!  I love this stuff. It’s been my total saviour since switching to it in January following another flare of rosacea and dermatitis.

Eczema has always lurked in the back ground since I was a toddler and having tried everything in the past to help I was pretty sceptical about REN’s claim to re-train your skin with it’s natural yet totally scientific ingredients.

Many of you have commented recently on how well I look.  THANK YOU!  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for these lovely compliments particularly considering my ongoing little person induced sleep deprivation and escalating work schedule.

Again, there is only one thing that can be responsible….REN.

So,  if like me you get a little red, crispy or flaky when winter hits or the act of going from a cold blustery walk outside to warm cosy fire inside makes you burn red as a beetroot at the mere thought, then REN could help you too.

The Evercalm™ range rocks and is my total saviour.

Everything in this range works to reduce inflammation and the reddening of the skin.  You have to use it for over 3 months to start seeing a difference but will feel a difference instantly.  If you have any sensitivity,  eczema,  dermatitis or rosacea this range is for you.

Here are a few awesome products we love here at quay….

Anti-redness Serum

This is the fire extinguisher for your face and goes under your moisturiser. It calms, soothes and protects any inflamed skin.

Global Protection Day Cream

Provides calming and moisture to us sensitive peeps.  It smells yummy and is REN’s No1 skin defender and best seller!

Ultra Comfort Rescue Mask

Gets me out of trouble if I feel itchy scratchy!  Finally something that works instead of those hardcore roids!  You can leave it on over night and wash off in the morning revealing totally calm skin. Hooray

Overnight Recovery Balm

Their newest product turns into a rich protecting, restoring oil when warmed up.  It’s amazing!  Not only does it extinguish the sensitivity and inflammation,  it is also super hydrating whilst you sleep.  I do believe it even helped my “laughter” lines too.  Win win!!

Vita Mineral™ Emollient Cream

This is great if you are working outside a lot and acts as a barrier cream.  Perfect to take skiing too for some on / off slope rescuing!

Vita Mineral™ Lip Balm

Lush, lush, lush, keeping those lips plump and kissable!….although chaps, beware, it is a little on the glossy side!

Thank you God of REN for your awesomeness!

If you have any questions,  myself,  Sarah and Faye can help you with your skincare concerns and may also have some samples of certain products for you to try.

Let’s reserve the red glow of winter to some alcohol induced carol singing only!