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How To Get Better Posture & Keep It-2

How To Get Better Posture & Keep It

Changing your posture can be really challenging in your busy world. Here we show you how to make these changes permanent so your body feels and moves better and aches go away!
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balanced stones

The One Thing You Need To Know About Good Posture

Your beliefs about what good posture is can hugely influence how you stand, move and feel, often leaving you sore and exhausted. Understanding what good posture is and how to get it, can take away pain and leave you with more energy.
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Pucker Up Your Pelvic Floor Campaign

Something For The Ladies & Men on Valentines Day

Do you want more pleasure in your life?...Your pelvic floor muscles are hugely important not only for controlling your bladder and bowel but for sexual function and pleasure! Important for both women and men. Hooray for the POGP (Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy) Organisation for broaching this often taboo subject.
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"Core" Wrong Beliefs

Top 5 Things People Wrongly Believe About Their “Core”

For years now we have been fed a message that our “core” is a key part of how we get ourselves moving well and is the best thing to do …

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