Archive: May 2017

sitting at a desk

The Essential Thing to Know if You Find Sitting Painful or Uncomfortable- The “How’s Your Trunk?” Series Part 6

Do you hurt when you sit at your desk, in your car, on the sofa? Does pain in sitting affect your work or travel? Would you like to know why this is and what can be done about it? If so read our blog this week.
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painkillers- blog post photo

Essential Things to Know About Repeated Back Pain- The “How’s Your Trunk?” Series Part 5

Would you like to - Find a natural cure for your back pain? - Avoid being reliant on painkillers? - Rid yourself of the "bad back" label? - Do the things you love to do with out fear of pain? If so, read our blog this week and find out how.
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Feeling Compressed QP Blog

The weight of the world on your shoulders? ‘How’s Your Trunk?’ Series: Part 4

Feeling heavy, squashed, tight or like you can't stand up straight? Are you bloated, pot bellied or have occasional problems with continence? Is it hard to take a really big deep breath? If any of these are you, read on!
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Your Body is an Orchestra

What does your body have in common with the London Philharmonic? ‘How’s Your Trunk?’ Series: Part 3

Uncover the truth about movement and control and how an orchestra is just like your body!
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