Archive: June 2017

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The Biggest Trait Stopping Your Rehab and Training

Find out what is the biggest trait that stops most of us with our training and rehab. It is also responsible for countless other problems we experience in our day and exhausts us! We will teach you how to simply change it and achieve HUGE positive gains and impact in your life.
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The Top 6 Reasons You Don’t Do Your Exercises and Training

There are lots of reasons why you don't do the things Physio's ask you to. Here we explore why, reassure you you aren't alone and tell you what to do when you hit the training wall!
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The Secret Reason Why You Don’t Seek Help for Your Pain and Niggles

Many of us don't seek help for our pain and movement problems until we hit a crisis and are forced to when things are so severe. There is a very simple and secret reason why this is. Read on if you want to be enlightened!
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