Archive: August 2017

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The Most Important Thing To Do If You Are Busy & Tired

Are you a busy person? Would you like to laugh more? Do you have lots on your plate and rarely have time for yourself let alone for some fun? Are you tired? Some amazing research can help you…
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How to Prevent Falling When You Are Older

Investing in future you is so important especially when it comes to preventing falling. Read on to understand the most important thing you can do now to help you in the future.
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How to Get Movement That Feels Amazing

Want to uncover the secrets of how we can get you moving in a effortless, light, fluid and pain free way? Click the link to learn why it is never too late and easier to achieve than you think.
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Discover a Whole Body Approach to Physiotherapy

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions recently, what we are doing when we assess you.  We are well aware that what we do is a little different!  In 2009 I …

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