Archive: November 2017


Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Falling

If you are worried about falling or have concerns about your family and friends falling over, here are some top tips to help prevent it from happening.
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The Secret To How 5 Seconds Can Change Your Life!

Want to know why just 5 seconds can change your life? Read on to find out. Do it now, you have 5 seconds before this message will self destruct! It's a Mission Possible!!!
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Top view of feet of people standing in a circle. Runners standing in a huddle with their feet together.

The Secret Behind Finding Comfy Shoes

Find out what to look for when buying any pair of shoes and with party season fast approaching, how you can avoid getting sore feet.
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Top 5 Things to Do After a Massage

To make sure you maximise the benefits of your massage do these 5 simple things every time. You won't regret it.
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Are You at Risk of Falling?

Want to know if you or someone you care for is at risk of falling? This knowledge could save their life of yours! Take this quick quiz to find out.
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