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When Can I Run Post Baby?

Whoa there little pony, there are a few things to check first before getting those trainers on!
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Embarrassing & Not So Embarrassing Questions and Answers About Our Postnatal Check

Anxious about what might go on in the appointment? Let us reassure you and also know that no grooming is required down there!
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How To Check If You Are Ready To Return To Exercise After Giving Birth

2 simple tests you can do in your front room in 1 minute, that will tell you what you need to know. What are you waiting for?!?...
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Why Your Lady Bits Need to See a Physio After Your Baby Arrives

There is so much more to look at with your body and know about your recovery after childbirth, than can possibly be dealt with in your GP 6 week check. So, you want to get your "Oo-la-la" back down there and not forever hate your new mummy body, read on!
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Post Baby Tips for Getting Jiggy

Getting back in the saddle is a little daunting, anxiety inducing and nerve wrecking for most of us after the trauma of childbirth. Here are the best things to do to ease your mind and body back into it. But only when you are ready.
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Keep Calm and Do Your Pelvic Floor Exercises

Want to laugh hard, cough, sneeze, exercise, even bounce on a trampoline again without peeing your pants pretty lady? Then let's start working out your pelvic floor! Oh and it will help you orgasm too!
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What is NOT Normal From 8 Weeks (to 40years+) Postnatal

Should you still be wetting yourself 8 weeks after childbirth? Hell no! But, the vast majority of us still are and folk law says that this is normal. IT ISN'T! Read on to know exactly what is normal and if things aren't right, we can help you take some awesome life changing action!
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What is Normal 0-8 Weeks After Delivery

With so much going on once your baby arrives, the lack of sleep, a healing vagina and tummy, boobs the size of watermelons, how do you know what is normal at this time? Read on to find out.
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Best Yoga & Pilates Studio in Devon 2018!

What a month it has been! After a wonderfully relaxing time in the Ibiza sun, I got the news we won the Best Yoga and Pilates Studio in Devon thanks to the Muddy Stiletto's award! Hooray.
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