Why Quay

You are truly unique....with a unique body and a unique brain……

FACTS: You have 206 bones, more than 600 muscles, millions and millions of nerves to control them with a very special control centre…. Your unique BRAIN!

You have your own experiences and injuries and can move your body in countless different ways to compensate. You also have different things you want to do with your body.

Because of these facts, we don’t believe in ‘recipes’ to treat you. How can you be moving exactly like your mate given what we know above? We also think this is often why problems reoccur as we aren’t specific enough in treating what is really causing your problems.

At QuayPhysio Fitness & Wellbeing, we don’t just treat your sore bits. We are all about finding and treating the cause that drives your problem. By doing this we feel we hold the key to getting you moving and feeling great and you won’t then be reliant on seeing us for ever.

We will also let you in on a secret….. the cause is rarely where the sore bit is but because it hurts we often get tricked into thinking that is where the problem is. Tell everyone this, shout it out! We are trying to!

Our team love learning and are completely committed to keeping up to date. We love cramming our brains with all sorts of cool stuff about the body that can help you find your answers to start moving and feeling great. We are all lucky enough to spend time regularly with some of the world’s leading Physio’s. These guy’s really challenge us to think about what we do and how we can best help you.

If we don’t think we know the answers or there isn’t anything we can do we will make sure we can find one of your colleagues that can so you are not left on your own… in Salcombe estuary without a paddle!

We also believe that prevention is better than cure. You send your car regularly for an MOT so why not your lovely special body which is often harder to fix when it goes wrong as there aren’t any spare parts!

You don’t have to be injured or unwell to come and see us. We can also help you if you feel your movement isn’t quite what it used to be. We can keep you moving and maintain what you can do to as you put some more miles on the clock.… just like your car!

We give you longer appointments as we fell this gives us more time to help you and gives better outcomes. It also gives us time to LISTEN properly to you and help you understand what is going on in your body. You are also worth it!

The words serendipity, transformational and life changing are relevant and appropriate. Over twenty five years of searching in ever decreasing circles for help and relief, for a “chronic” back condition, finally lead me to the door to Quay Physio. From my first consultation, I knew it was going to be different. I was treated as an individual, my history was carefully researched, documented and understood. I was asked what I wanted to achieve, not told what I would be given. I was assessed and a clear plan of treatment was explained, agreed, (not imposed) and started.

The outcomes were quick, successful and long lasting, both physically and mentality. Quay Physio is a unique practice which excels in its quality, it’s environment, it’s customer service, and the personal approach to individuals. My life has changed, yours can too, heartfelt thanks to Vic and the team.

Desmond, Devon