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The ‘How’s Your Trunk?’ Series: Part 2

Learn more about your spine, it's awesome engineering and what it does and doesn't need for beautiful movement.
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How's Your Trunk (1)

The ‘How’s Your Trunk?’ Series Part 1

This series of blogs will unpick what is meant by the term "core stability" and why a better understanding of the spine, body as a whole, it's connections and what we need to move well, will help us more than doing lots of planks! Today we focus on the different systems needed for movement.
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Pillow Talk- How to Pick the Right Pillow for the Best Night Sleep

Pillow Talk: How to Pick the Right Pillow for the Best Nights Sleep

Did you know we spend an average of a third of our life in bed sleeping but often spend less time picking a pillow than a new outfit you will wear only once. Want to love bed more? Read our "How To" guide on picking the perfect pillow for you.
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What Everyone Needs to Know About the Cuddle Chemical QuayPhysio

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Cuddle Chemical

Would you like to find a really awesome antidote to the stress hormones circulating in your body? Or perhaps feel less anxious or depressed. Read on...
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16 Benefits of a Physio Led Pilates Class

Ever been to a Pilates class and felt unsure if you were doing it right, with aches and pains along the way? We bring you our top 16 reasons for joining one of our Physio led Pilates classes!
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The Essential Guide To Stretching

The Essential Guide to Stretching

Our top tips on making stretches better, easier, more achievable, enjoyable, beneficial and give you quick results. Read it now!
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Can Your Body Shape Who You Are

Can Your Body Shape Who You Are?

This incredible piece will give you confidence and belief you only dreamed of simply by standing like Wonder Woman! Yes!!
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Are Your Emotions Affecting Your Body-

How To Know If Your Emotions Are Affecting Your Body

Hands up if you get tight shoulders, an achy back or you hold your breath when you are too busy, under pressure, stressed or cross? Read on to get help!
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Putting The Spring in Your Step

Putting A Spring In Your Step

Learn how your ribcage holds many answers to better movement throughout your WHOLE body.
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The One Thing You Need To Know About Good Posture

Your beliefs about what good posture is can hugely influence how you stand, move and feel, often leaving you sore and exhausted. Understanding what good posture is and how to get it, can take away pain and leave you with more energy.
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