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ConnectTherapy 2015 Certification Group

ConnectTherapy….The Evolution of the ISM (Integrated Systems Model)

When you hear us talking about “ISM” at QuayPhysio I often wondered what you thought we were talking about. A new computer system perhaps? It was actually a model for pain and disability that guided our assessment and treatment, considering you as a whole person and identifying what “drives” your problems. Over the years Dr LJ Lee has evolved this model further and she has now called it……ConnectTherapy!
“Connect” because our bodies and minds are connected, patients and therapists are connected and we as humans are connected both physically, socially and emotionally. You know your body is connected as you often say to us, “everything in my body changed after I fractured/sprained my ankle. I then got my knee pain, back pain and now I have shoulder pain!” You also know that when we have assessed you we may have changed your back pain by doing something to your foot or perhaps your ribcage and you say “WOW”!
“Therapy” because this is treatment intended to relieve or heal.
So, Dr LJ Lee has called this development ConnectTherapy, which I’m sure you will agree, is far easier to understand, remember and talk about! To hear and read more about this approach and it’s recent evolution from the horses mouth, LJ herself,  please click on this link. The launch video’s are really good and explain everything really well!
Some of you may recall that LJ visited QuayPhysio in October 2014 to run a course and lecture. She is an international Physio and Lecturer who has trained all the team at QuayPhysio. Victoria has recently returned from Part 1 of ConnectTherapy Certification which is a year long course taking those who practice ConnectTherapy (and ISM before it) to a higher level of skill. She is one of only 10 Physio’s in the world taking this very special and advanced course. Victoria has now returned to work following her maternity leave and is looking forward to sharing these new skills with you all.

“This is such an exciting time for me professionally. To be learning from one of the best Physio’s in the world in such a small group is an incredible opportunity and privilege. Already having completed Part 1 I have noticed an enormous benefit and change to my clinical practice, both in assessment and treatment and finding those “Drivers” at the root of your problems.”

To make an appointment with one of our Physio’s who all practice ConnectTherapy please call 01548 852 355.