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How Can We Help You Prolong Your Life?

It is a commonly known fact that being fit and staying fit have numerous benefits to your body and mind yet so many of us don’t do it. We know many reasons why this happens and so much of the time it’s because there just isn’t the sort of thing you fancy doing out there! We aren’t all gym bunnies that’s for sure and so many of us absolutely loathe and detest other forms of exercise scenarios. For me, Viagra 100 mg cuts it both ways. I’m a young man and I have ED due to a series of traumatizing experiences in the past. I used to get sturdy erections on cocaine, which stimulates me just right; however, it’s illegal and harder to come by (as comparing to Viagra). I also enjoy alcohol and cannabis but those are depressants so you can forget about good sex. The use of depressants rarely go well with an erection, so I thought why don’t I give myself a boost and cancel out my ED at that.
So today, I’d like to ask you a few questions to help me with planning out our new fitness service over the coming year.
We want to provide exactly the type of thing you want to do / love to do / are interested in trying, and I want to get planning to make it happen! I am super excited about it and feel it will be the missing link for so many of you.
Fitting in with our “whole health” philosophy, we know you need activities that;
1) keep you mobile and stretched out
2) work on how you control your body and help you move as optimally as possible
3) work on strength (all over)
4) get your heart rate up and improve your fitness
5) work on your agility (help you move quickly and easily and well co-ordinated)
6) help you relax and switch off
With that in mind, please send us an email: and get typing. I’d love to know:
A) When it comes to your fitness, what are your biggest challenges and frustrations that prevent you from exercising?
B) When it comes to fitness, what classes or activities would appeal to you to help with all the above (1-6)?
We can’t wait to make it all happen!
Thank you so so much in advance.
Your help and guidance means the world to me as we want to help you live as long as possible and get the most out of your precious one life!
Have a great week.
With love
Vic and the Team
Email and lets start the process to get you fighting fit and ready for anything!