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How Do We Help You Stick To Your Exercise Programme?

As a Physio, it is such a common thing for us to hear that our patient hasn’t managed to do their exercise or training programme between appointments. Generally people are terrified about telling us. I promise we won’t get cross and make you feel like you are at school and have forgotten to do your homework!

The concept of doing specific “prescribed” exercises to help you move and feel better is a tough one. We know that many people who come to us are not used to doing regular exercise and are also very very busy! Suddenly finding some time each day to do your “training exercises” can be really challenging. Ultimately we are asking you to create a new habit i.e. exercise, and habits take at least 21 days to form.

What we do is empower you to make positive changes with your health and wellbeing by giving you targeted training exercises that are going to combat the cause of the problems you are experiencing. Everyone’s training will be different, according to what is causing the problems and also what their goals are they want to achieve. The whole point is that you and your therapist work together to tailor a specific programme for you.

We also know that often you guys struggle to do your exercises. Please never feel bad about telling us and being honest about it as there is often something we can do to help you stick to it. There are also many reasons why you don’t do them. To read more about this click here.

Not sticking to your prescribed programme can sometimes be due to something totally out of your control, such as forgetting what you need to, getting sick, losing your instructions, not being able to make it to a class. The list goes on.

Other times people intentionally don’t do their programme. They make a conscious decision not to take up the treatment prescription. Perhaps they wanted a quick fix, didn’t believe in the exercise approach or just couldn’t be bothered. Again there are many reasons and we want to help you with this.

What ever is going on, by telling your therapists and discussing it with them gives us a valuable opportunity to remedy the situation and get you back on track. There are always other options and approaches we can try but you must tell us and talk to us about it. Being honest will get you the best outcome even if it is hard to do!

Hmmm, there is a bit of a life lesson there too I think!