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How to Ensure 2019 Is the Best Year Ever For YOU

AGH!  Ever feel like you aren’t keeping up and that another year has whizzed by without you achieving all the things you wanted to?  After the whirlwind of preparation, excitement and entertaining at Christmas we generally limp to the new year utterly exhausted!  The media then hypes us up into a frenzy of “New Year, New You, New Life” type campaigns that are supposed to motivate us to change our lives / achieve greatness / lose weight / get fit / declutter the home / start that new hobby etc etc.  So we launch in to January with massive expectations, hopes and numerous new habits that barely make it to the 3rd week!!  Sound familiar?

This year lets be the wily fox and the tortoise of the story combined!

I’m going to banish those impossibly hard to achieve new years resolutions that set me up to fail before I even start.  Oh yes I am!  I am getting wise to you new year with all your heady lure of possibility and promise!  I know you are going to throw me some curve balls and this journey I’m on will have bumps along the way and I’m going to go about things slow and steady because that is after all how the race gets won!

So,  here are a few thoughts that are highly likely to be relevant to you given what I hear in the treatment room everyday!

Focus on the positive

Looking back on this year one’s normal default is to focus on all the things that went wrong, didn’t work out and haven’t been done.  STOP!  This time focus on the positive things that happened and the stuff you’ve learnt and grown from.  You’ve done wonderful things this year,  even if they weren’t the things you had hoped they would be.  Even the tough stuff will have taught you something that has shaped you for the better.  So look at those things and what an awesome warrior you are!

Be grateful every day

Super tough to do this when things are tough and not going your way but training yourself to bring gratitude to your daily life will reap marvellous rewards.  This is proven in research,  so get started now! It works with everything but takes practice to become a habit.  A daily gratitude journal will definitely take centre stage in 2019 for me.

Ditch the goals I dare you!

Goals  and achievements make us add to our to do lists and will ensure our 2019 is jam packed as always and destined for partial success as there is no way we can fit it all in.  Life is for living and when every moment in the day is accounted for with striving for and achieving things when is there much needed time for you and having some fun?

This year,  I’m going to focus on how I want my life to be day to day

How do I want each day to feel?  Less rushed and busy for starters with some space for doing creative things away from work.  A real departure from my usual goal focused outlook but after 41 years of doing it that way it’s about time I try a different approach.  Lets do this!

Spread a little kindness starting with yourself

Rarely would we ever speak to or treat a friend or family member the way we speak to and treat ourselves.  So,  this year be kinder to yourself and ensure all those thoughts are kind ones because you are fabulous,  uniquely you and the relationship you have with yourself will ultimately set the tone for all the other ones you have around you.

Look after yourself

Practice makes perfect well thats what they say.  We need to keep this vital habit up through out this year and the ones to come.  Maintaining (and even improving) our mobility and independence as we age is so important in order to keep us in our own homes as long as possible and doing the things we love to do.  Don’t accept your reducing ability to do stuff and ongoing niggles as part of the ageing process as so SO much of it can be changed for the better.   Put your needs up there at the top of your to do list.  Make taking care of yourself a priority and enjoy doing it as changing things for the better is rather fabulous and gives you so much more scope for enjoying your life over the years.

Start saying “NO”

We are such a load of pleasers!  Always wanting to help others and not let anyone down.  Saying  “yes” to all requests or opportunities dilutes your time,  particularly the time you could be spending doing things you enjoy and that make you feel good.  Spreading yourself so thinly means less space for anything new and fun!  Perhaps keeping a few windows open in your diary will allow other exciting and new things to come in to your world or at least give you the head space to think about what you would like to be doing with your time.

Work out what is FUN for you and do more of it!

Yes FUN, that often forgotten most marvellous thing.  What is fun?  I’m not sure I can answer that for you but for me I want more laughter this year and to dance,  not just in my kitchen!

I’ve made it through yet another bumpy year,  just like many of you.  All those curve balls and bumps on the road have been figure-out-able as I look back.   I realise perhaps I didn’t need to spend so much of my time consciously and subconsciously worrying about them all with a grimace on my face.  Stuff has taken way longer to figure out and work through than I would have liked but then as with so many things in our instant gratification world,  there is no quick fix or instant answer.  Stuff that really matters takes time but is worth it in the long term.

So there you have it,  a few thoughts to start your year!

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very very happy new year.  May 2019 be the one where you start putting yourself first with an abundance of kindness.  Here’s to a wonderfully figure-out-able and fun year!

Lots of love

Vic and the Team