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How We Can Help Bladder, Bowel, Pelvic Pain and Prolapse Problems

If you follow the QuayPhysio Facebook page you will know that Wendy recently went on a course in Canada. This course was all about treating women with pelvic girdle pain, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis rectus abdominus and was taught by Diane Lee.

Wendy has been treating these problems for many years, however she has learned to integrate her knowledge on these conditions with her knowledge on the integrated systems model and ConnectTherapy.

Traditionally physiotherapists treat pelvic floor muscle weakness with pelvic floor exercises. However there are some occasions when the pelvic floor muscles are not just weak, but they are unable to contract properly as the body is not aligned well.

Sometimes a ‘twist in the pelvis’ can cause change in the symmetry of a pelvic floor contraction which can lead to incontinence. The ‘twist’ in the pelvis could be a primary problem with the pelvis or may be a secondary reaction due the primary problem being elsewhere. The integrated systems model and ConnectTherapy approach use tests to determine whether correction of an area that is not moving optimally in a task can change the contraction (or sometimes in the case of pelvic pain- relaxation) of the pelvic floor.

If you have noticed problems such as leakage from the bladder or a sensation of a ‘lump’ within the vagina on sitting to standing, walking up/down stairs or jumping it may be the way that your body is moving that is causing the problem.

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