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Mirror Mirror On the Wall, What Has 2019 Got In Store?

Okay okay,  we are 6 days in to the new year and thoughts are going to how I will spend my time over the coming 12 months and what I want to be doing.  So far I am resisting my urge to set goals and think about what I want to achieve and focusing on my day to day and how I want that to be instead.  I am yet to write my yearly “to-do” list and I’m 144 hours in,  so I’m mighty pleased with this accomplishment!  How about you?

Taming the overwhelm beastie.

With this new focus on day to day and my busyness default there is a definite sense of overwhelm on where on earth to start in making some small yet positive tweaks to life.  I do love to think about the coming year but there is a definite sense of rising panic when I think of the year ahead and my new approach.  So many things are totally awesome but it feels like just a few things have the most monumental impact on everything else.  Thankfully,  I found an awesome tool for analysing all areas of your life and how it will give you clarity and focus on what areas you could do with some looking at / adjusting / focus,  in order to help.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Health is just one area to look at.

Given with which I have succumbed to every bug going in the past I have made some good tweaks to health and how I manage rest.  I think you get by now the inescapable link between body,  mind and soul and how they are all connected and affect one another  for the good and less so.

Introducing Michael Hyatt

This rather inspirational chap has a background in leadership mentoring and is a world renowned author.  He is all about gaining focus and addressing all areas of life to live a happier more fulfilled one not just at work but at home too.  He has developed a rather useful “Life Score Assessment” which is done in less than 10minutes and analyses 10 key areas of life that contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Are you focused on being,  doing or relating?

Each of the 10 areas is broken down into circles of being (body, mind, soul stuff),  doing (work, finances, hobbies) and relating (social,  parental and relationships).  My life score massively highlighted the imbalance and frustration I feel in the “doing” circle of my life,  which was massively surprising given my eternal busyness!  Turns out,  as I had long suspected I am in fact a busy fool!!

Mirror mirror on the wall!

Completing this score has given me a mirror and clarity in understanding my frustrations and struggles in comparison to things I feel are working really well in my life.  So,  with this powerful information I can now ask some better questions and work out how I want my day to be and what I can do to make the biggest impact on current struggles and frustrations that occur on a daily basis.  Hooray!  I’m going to be more tactical with my time and strategic with my thinking.  Well thats the plan anyway.

So, click here for the link to Michael Hyatt’s Lifescore Assessment.

It only takes a few minutes but may just make the biggest impact on your 2019.

Have a great week.

With love

Vic and the team