Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is like Pilates but a bit more clever!

Us Physios have modified the traditional repertoire of exercises to make it totally suitable for pretty much everyone! It is as much about training your brain to move your body in an effortless, efficient, controlled and flowing way as it is about relaxing certain muscles, switching others on, training and building strength and gaining flexibility….  Oh and don’t forget to BREATHE!!!!!!

Pilates is a form of mind-body conditioning developed by Mr Pilates back in 1920s. He used his series of exercises for rehabilitation and later worked with dancers as they loved his exercise principles of movement, strength, control and flow. The rest is history.

Clinical Pilates has been developed by Physio’s over the years using the latest research to better understand how our body and brain works and modify the traditional exercises to make them more effective and safe. Pilates can be technical and as you are unique in how you move and control your body we don’t believe it can be learnt well from a book, DVD or in a big class. Our instructors continually modify, correct and guide your movements so you are confident you are doing things right and getting the most from the exercises.

100% of our clients say they feel better for coming to our Clinical Pilates Classes

….so we know we are getting it right! We insist on a one to one assessment before attending class to ensure we know all about your body and what you want to achieve, teach you the basics of great technique and correct any bad habits. This gives you confidence and peace of mind we know what we are doing and you are in safe hands. You will also get much more from the class.

Pilates classes are fun and varied, they are not just exercises, it requires mental effort. You are thinking about the breathing, control of the inner core and isolating particular muscles at the same time as doing the exercise. It can be very challenging and great when it all begins to work as it should. My whole physical shape has improved and I have lost those extra pounds I have wanted to lose so badly for years” – Marianne, Devon

Some people come to us because they have a specific problem they feel Clinical Pilates can help with. Some come because they simply want to improve posture, strength, flexibility and maintain what they have got! What ever your reason, you won’t be disappointed by this wonderful body and mind exercise.


  • Our Physio skills and knowledge help you get the most from your body and the class
  • A 1:1 assessment before starting class gives you confidence and peace of mind your needs and goals will be met as we understand your unique body
  • We tailor the class to your specific needs
  • Classes are small (max 7 per class) allowing lots of individual attention during class
  • We add lots of empowering education and self help strategies to get you moving and feeling even better
  • We use lots of modern small equipment
  • Every class is different keeping it new and challenging. You won’t be bored!
  • We have a men only class aptly named “Man Club”
  • We have lots of fun and like to laugh!

If you want to learn more about how Clinical Pilates can benefit you and then have a go call and book a one to one assessment now.

6 months after starting my weekly Pilates class, I reap the rewards daily…feeling stronger, walking taller, moving better. Another benefit is that my body has better shape and tone. I have more strength for cycling and balance for skiing. In fact, I feel great! Having practiced yoga, I found Pilates a different discipline. The class was challenging right from the beginning and still is! The group is small and the attention is individually tailored to each of us…our instructor knows us all very well! They are so enthusiastic, motivating, reassuring and supportive, and always make us want to go the extra mile! Pilates has truly made a difference in my life”

Ruth, Devon