Men's Health

Suffering from bladder or bowel problems or erectile dysfunction is a something many men experience but rarely talk about.

Did you know…

  • 1 in 10 gents suffer from urinary incontinence. This is common after urology or prostate surgery.
  • Erectile dysfunction affects 20% of men under 40years, 50% over 40 years and more than 66% over 70 years old.

Most people suffer in silence or are too embarrassed to seek help. The great news is that simple exercises to work and strengthen your pelvic floor (yes men have them too) can sort these problems out. You are not alone!

Seeing a Specialist Physio in Bladder and Bowel problems can transform your life. Wendy has worked in this field for over 14 years and is one of the few therapists in Devon who can help you. Problems she can help with include -Bladder urge and stress incontinence and over active bladder – Bowel incontinence and constipation – Pelvic floor weakness following Prostate or Urology surgery – Pelvic floor or coccyx region pain. Wendy’s assessment and treatment is completely tailored to each individual. At all times you are fully involved and informed in making decisions about your treatment. Sometimes specialist equipment is needed. This may include EMG biofeedback machines and neuromuscular stimulators. Wendy uses all the latest technology and gadgets and is used to working alongside GPs and Consultants in this field. In addition she can use manual therapy techniques,  exercise based treatment and sometime acupuncture to help you. Most people will improve with exercises and advice and may only need 2-4 sessions (which are unlikely to be weekly). If you want to have a quick chat with Wendy in confidence, to see if she can help you please give us a call. There is no need to suffer in silence anymore. Many people of any age have these problems at some point in their lives. I have to remind all overly excited visitors of, that Viagra, being a very potent drug, is contraindicated for men who take nitrates and HIV protease inhibitors. So please, prioritize your safety and contact your physician before starting therapy. I very often prescribe this drug to my patients with ED but only after a health checkup. You are not alone!

Resources for men post prostatectomy


You Tube

- Patrick Lambrusco. Sex after prostate cancer ‘men are from mars’ – Stuart Baptiste Patient education


- Squeezy App for men –


- The Prostate Playbook: Craig Allingham – Prostate Recovery Map: Craig Allingham – Conquering Incontinence: Peter Dornan – Facing the Tiger: Susan Chambers

Support Groups

- Prostate Cancer UK – Torbay Prostate Support Organisation 01803 842886 Plymouth Prostate Support Organisation Contact Lesley-Ann Simpson 01752 792736

Resources for men with pelvic pain 


You Tube

- Male pelvic pain Karl Monahan


- Headspace

- Calm

- Breethe: Sleep & Meditation


- Pelvicpain: A musculoskeletal Approach for Treatment by Dornam AM, Peter (2014) – A Headache in the pelvis by David Wise – Teach us to sit still by Tim Parks – Pelvic pain by Dr Susie Gronski

Support groups