Post Natal Screen

Growing a baby and giving birth is one of the most natural, amazing and joyous things us ladies can do.....

However, the changes our body undergoes during pregnancy and delivery can cause problems which many of us don’t recover from as we would hope. We then get busy with looking after our little bundle of joy and don’t address the things that will prevent us from having problems down the line. Get your body back so you can do everything you want to do again….and more!

The anatomy of your abdominal wall and pelvic floor undergo considerable change during pregnancy and delivery. This can sometimes leave you with problems with

  • continence
  • tummy muscle separation
  • back, pelvic or thoracic pain
  • prolapse
  • tears and associated scaring

When we experience problems like the above, our bodies often compensate to help us get by as we manage day to day life with a new baby. This can lead to further problems down the line. As you focus on looking after your bundle of joy after delivery, your body can often feel totally alien and far from joyous. Many women we speak to really want to get back to activity and sport again but are nervous about what they can and can’t do, especially if they are suffering from any of the above problems.

Our Post Natal Screen is designed to check where you are at following delivery, address any of the problems you may have and prevent them impacting on your day to day life. We will also advise you on how to best get you back to the activities you love, be it running, Pilates, Yoga or fitness classes as soon as possible. Many women launch straight into a Pilates class to try and get that tummy flat as soon as possible. However, due to the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy and delivery you can loose the ability to co-ordinate the muscles of your “core” properly which can lead to an altered abdominal silhouette which many women hate. Our Post Natal Screen will help you get this co-ordination back as soon as possible and get you feeling stronger and more confident with your body.

To learn about what is normal and what isn’t after having your baby read our blog article…

Wendy Farren has over 20years of experience working in Women’s Health and with Post Natal ladies. If you have any issues with tearing, continence, prolapse or residual pain she will be able to help in a kind, considerate and totally confidential manner. She recommends anyone with a second or third degree tear coming for a screen to get you on the road  to recovery ASAP.

Victoria Rendle will be able to help with any issues to do with your abdominal wall, posture and return to exercise. She also leads the Clinical Pilates classes at QuayPhysio.

Our Post Natal class designed to get you back to function and fitness as soon as possible is on it’ way in early 2015 so watch this space!

To make a confidential enquiry, book a Post Natal Screen or enquire about this class and reserve and place please call 01548 852355 or email

Just wanted to write to thank you so much for your help. After giving birth to a big baby and suffering a 2nd degree tear I was very sore and worried about getting everything better. Wendy was brilliant- so kind and friendly and very thorough with her assessment and treatment. She explained the exercises really clearly and inspired me to make sure I do them! I’m well on the way now and feel much happier now I know I’m in safe hands!

Caroline, Devon