Quick, Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment For Your Joint & Muscle Problems

We know that getting quick, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for your joint and muscle problems can be challenging at the best of times. Lengthy waiting times, multiple appointments, numerous different practitioners, lengthy travel, missing sport, work, doing the things you love, all while having to rely on painkillers and delaying getting better. It can be so frustrating not knowing who and where to go to get the answers you need. We hear this all the time…

Have you ever imagined a place where you could chose to go, to get comprehensively assessed, scanned and treated all in the same day without traveling further than Kingsbridge? Can you imagine how this would;
- Save you time in your busy schedule so that you can do other more exciting things?
- Save you wasting time and endless trips to see various different people to get inconclusive answers?
- Mean you get the right treatment to your problems based on an accurate and confirmed diagnosis using scans?
- Mean you avoid delaying your recovery by getting answers quickly?
- Mean less time being reliant on painkillers and can live without them all together?
- Mean you could get back to work, sport or doing the things you love quickly?
Well, the super exciting news is that we have this fabulous Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Diagnostic and Injection service led by Richard our associate at QuayPhysio!
This “one stop shop” means you don’t have to travel further than Kingsbridge to get the answers you need to help your body and your life. No more wasting time, waiting for multiple appointments with loads of different people. One person to help you with all of it, in one place, on one day. Isn’t that how healthcare should be? Plus, you can self refer!
Richard has spent years becoming a Musculoskeletal Specialist, being able to manage your aches, pains and injuries. Following a comprehensive assessment including an ultrasound scan, he can give you an accurate diagnosis and therefore an effective treatment plan specific to your exact problem. He commonly helps people avoid surgery too, so hooray for that!
Getting this clear and acurate diagnosis right from the word go avoids you wasting your time trying things that won’t work for you. Richard has heaps of treatment options up his sleeve and is able to perform ultrasound guided injections for pain relief (among other things), ensuring the drug gets to the exact right structure. He also can prescribe and review your pain medication and works closely with the Physio team at QuayPhysio who can then help you with the rehab you need to get you 100% and doing the things you love.
He will give you time and listen to your story. You are unique and there is no one size fit’s all to treating our aches and pains. No rushed appointments being bamboozled by science and not given the information you need. He will take time and care in explaining what is going on and your options for getting better.
So, this “one stop shop” can give you an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in the shortest possible time. No more time wasted going to numerous different appointments on different days, waiting lists, seeing the wrong person, getting unsatisfactory answers, trying things that don’t work. It will also give you peace of mind and you can’t beat having that when it comes to our own body, health and wellbeing.
If you would like to see Richard or have a chat to see if he can help you with your problem please give us a call on 01548852355 or email info@quayphysio.co.uk  . You don’t need a GP referral to see him you can just refer yourself! With your permission, Richard will liaise with your GP and they get all results from scans and treatment performed. He will also keep them updated on your progress.
When it comes to finding the cause and solution to your joint, muscle or movement problems there is no one size fits all answer. That’s why we have such a great and varied team at QuayPhysio and the HealthHub.
So if you want to;
- Save time in getting the diagnosis and treatment you need now even if you are really busy and haven’t got time to waste, seeing lots of different people

- Get access a specialist in joint and muscle problems now even if you’ve seen other health professionals such as your GP or Physio and feel you’ve wasted theirs or your own time!

- Get the right treatment for your problems based on an accurate, confirmed diagnosis even if you don’t yet know the cause of your symptoms

- Avoid delaying your recovery  further even though you are in pain now and relying on painkillers

- Get back to work , sport or doing the things you love quickly even if you currently can’t do them because of your pain and symptoms

Call us now so we can help you do the things you love and live the life you should be living.
01548 852355 or email info@healthhub-kingsbridge.co.uk.
Finally, If you know anyone who would benefit from this service please pass share this page with them as we want to spread the word about this fabulous new service that is going to save you time and a whole lot of worry.