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The Secret To How 5 Seconds Can Change Your Life!

It’s 5.30am on Monday morning.  It’s dark outside and I can hear the rain.  I’m wide awake.  My daughter just woke up but has gone back to sleep and I’m now lying in darkness engaged in a silent inner battle on whether to get up and start my day now or try for an hour of extra sleep.  My norm would be me drifting back to sleep for another 30 minutes or so of precious sleep,  which would leave me feeling utterly exhausted on waking and only wanting more.  I know my usual decision would be to take the sleep.  It is a precious commodity in my life that is for sure!  But today I tried something new.

I remembered a You Tube talk by Mel Robbins.  She seems to be stalking me at the moment as everywhere I go I see her stuff.  Any google search,  audio book recommendation,  Facebook flick,  Mel and her fascinating work is there.  Perhaps the universe is trying to get my attention to her message!

Her  ’5 Second Rule’  is huge.  It applies to any area of life be that work,  home or self help.  It is imbedded in her approach on how we get the life of our dreams and what stops us doing stuff that will help.  We take action and we take action now.  We don’t just wait.  After all,  if you always do what you’ve always done,  you will always get what you always got!  The gist is you have 5 seconds to act on a thought otherwise the moment has gone,  your brain takes over and you won’t take that action.  We have a micro moment to make a different choice. We never feel like doing stuff that is tough,  difficult,  hard,  boring etc.  The same could be said for doing your exercises or rehab.  Life comes down to our decisions.  If we change them we can change our life.  We have 5 seconds to act.  Do it.

So,  with Mel in my mind I actually got up this morning.  I outsmarted my own brains thought that any sleep is better than getting up.  I made a tea,  unpacked the dishwasher and wrote this blog.  What a nice way to start the day and I haven’t even got dressed yet!

So,  I’d like to share Mel’s work with you today.  It is really simple and easy to embrace into everyday life,  surprisingly so!

It is all backed up with research and it works.  The testimonials of millions can’t be argued with!

So, your  “One Thing”  to do this week is take positive action and use the  “5 Second Rule”  in any area of your life and see what happens.  Whether,  like me it is getting up in the morning or it could be silencing self doubt,  mustering some courage,  not getting engaged in an argument or snapping at people,  better negotiating at work.

It works with everything.  Try it and let us know what changes in your world.