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Top 5 Things to Do After a Massage

This week I sat down with Charlotte one of our Massage Therapists and we talked about how to maximise the effects of your massage after you get off the treatment couch.  The benefits aren’t just to be gained during your appointment but can go on for several days afterwards.  Here is Charlotte’s top 5 things to do after a massage;

1)  STOP,  sit down,  come round

Massage itself can have a deeply powerful effect at relaxing you and lets face it most of us need more of that in our busy life!  Allow the benefits of relaxation to last a little longer and gently come round by avoiding having to rush off to do something right after.

2) Drink some water

The massage will have acted to flush out toxins from your muscles so to help get them eliminated from your body drink plenty of water.  Drinking warm water works even better on the detoxification front.  The best time for cold water is after exercise, on super hot days and if you have a fever!  Note to self.

3) Avoid alcohol or if you must consume, do in moderation

Your body is already working harder to flush out unwanted toxins from your muscles and drinking alcohol is going to add to it’s load!  So best to avoid altogether if possible but if you must consume go for moderation.

4) Take a warm bath

Massage can make your muscles a little sore afterwards and a warm bath before bed will help to alleviate this.  It will also help those who feel a little cold afterwards.  Having a lovely warm bath is also relaxing which will prolong that effect of your massage too so go have a soak!

5) Keep moving

Sometimes you can feel a little sore for a day or so afterwards but it is best to keep moving and stretching not stopping and resting.  The movement will help with your circulation and keeping muscles moving.  The stretching will help maintain the new freedom you have in your muscles following the massage.