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Want More Top Anti- Aging Tips? Here is Part 2!

Following on from Wendy’s previous blog on anti-aging tips for your brain (click here if you missed it),  here is part 2!

Previously we mentioned how we can help our brain by stimulating different areas of it to give it a good old work out!

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Other Ways to Help

As we love to tell you,  there are always other things you can do to help yourself and with ageing it is no different. It isn’t just about your brain, other systems are involved too.

Looking after your gut, heart and vagus nerve is a smart thing to do.  There are some really interesting facts you need to know about all three!

  • We have a huge amount of sensory nerves in our gut called “interoceptors” that give us that “gut feeling”. The vagus nerve supplies and sends messages to and from our gut and brain.
  • More nerves go from the heart to the brain than the brain to the heart. I love this one!  Your heart beat can change according to your emotions, which we all know from when we are nervous, frightened, anxious or excited! But, it will also slow down quickly when we are safe.
  • Our vagus nerve is made up of nerves that speed things (sympathetic) up and calm things down (parasympathetic).  80% of it is parasympathetic so it is a good thing to stimulate this nerve!

Looking After Our Gut

There is so much literature out there along with a lot of hear say on healthy eating.  Some key points to consider are as follows;

  1. Have a balanced healthy diet and adequate fluid intake.  We love the Positive Nutrition Pyramid developed by Amelia Freer. This  pyramid is the opposite of dieting and restriction and instead focuses on the food you need to eat for a healthy body and mind.  and a printable copy of the pyramid is here
  2. Omega 3’s and tumeric extract (plus a fat) can reduce inflammation
  3. Avoid too much sugar
  4. Make sure you are eating pre and probiotics to protect your gut and improve the gut / brain balance.
  5. Say “no” to antibiotics unless necessary.

Looking After Our Vagus Nerve

For this special nerve, try the following;

  1. Change your temperature. Try splashing cold water on your face or have a cold shower. There is always the sea to jump in too!
  2. Stimulate your vocal cords by singing or chanting.
  3. Indulge in some good diaphragmatic breathing
  4. Practice mindfulness. Slow things down and focus on being present
  5. Take probiotics
  6. Move and love doing it!
  7. Meditate, try an app like Headspace or Calm.


None of this is rocket science but worth pointing out, that moving helps with ageing! It helps all the following things so lets do this and get moving!

  1. It improves our cardio vascular health (heart and blood vessels)
  2. If you include impact and strengthening exercises it improves bone health
  3. Improves your balance and dynamic posture
  4. Improves mobility of your joints
  5. Hydrates our fascia and maintains our “spring” through our body
  6. Improves lymphatic circulation
  7. Integrates your pelvic floor and other muscles of your trunk that help control movement
  8. Movement is sensory and because of this can be used to relieve stress and depression
  9. It can help with fat loss.


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So with all this in mind, moving is good for you and helps ease the ageing process.  We have loads of ways in which we can support you starting and maintaining your exercise levels.  Often the hardest thing to do is to start and is easiest and most effectively done with support from a health professional.  We have loads of different classes that can benefit you at the Hub. From Pilates to Yoga to Dance. They are all fun with a great sense of community.  We won Best Yoga and Pilates Studio in Devon 2018 in Muddy Stiletto’s awards, so loads of people are loving what we do.  Don’t miss out and lets ease ageing together!