Why we are different

We love what we do and make it our mission to help find answers and ways to help you move and feel great.

We don’t believe in recipes for treatment as we are all so unique.  We also believe that there is SO much that can be done to help us move and feel better AND you don’t have to be in pain for us to help you! To find out more call us now.

We believe there are 3 phases of care we can give.

PHASE 1: If you are INJURED or UNWELL. This could be following a fall, sprain, strain, fracture, surgery or simple if you are in pain. It could be when you are suffering from an illness that is a recent diagnosis or long standing but having a flare up.

PHASE 2: Is about REHAB &/or MAINTENANCE. This applies once an acute episode has settled and you now need to build yourself back up to normal function. Alternatively if you have a chronic or progressive illness we help prevent things deteriorate and keep you as good as you can be for as long as possible.

PHASE 3: Is all about FITNESS & WELLBEING. You may have progressed through phase 1 and 2 and want to work on other goals to get you even stronger, fitter, more supple, agile, relaxed than you were before. This is also a great way of preventing things coming back again. Alternatively, you may not have had any problems in the past but want to get fit or move you body more.

What ever is going on, give us a call, email or pop in and have a chat and see how our fantastic team can help you be the best you can be and start feeling great!

I had previously visited several physios in the Greater London area, who provided a ‘quick fix’ for the problem I was having with my knee. Invariably, the pain returned and I was almost resigned to the notion that the condition was permanent. I visited QuayPhysio on the recommendation of a friend and it became clear very quickly just what an exceptional place it is. They were relentless in their determination to discover the source of the problem. Then they worked out a sensible and workable programme for me to help rehabilitate my knee.  QuayPhysio’s approach is unique, in my experience, in that they take the time to analyse how the body is moving as a whole and really get to the root of the issue.   I cannot recommend QuayPhysio highly enough: They are outstanding in their field.

Nola, Devon