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    It’s All About You!

    Getting you moving, feeling better and staying that way!

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    Keeping You On The Move

    helping you to feel better and stay that way

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    Let us help you get your body back in shape, so you can do everything you want again and more.

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    Functional Strength & conditioning

    improving your body’s general movement, agility, fluidity, strength and conditioning

Welcome to Quay Physio

fitness & wellbeing

QuayPhysio Fitness & Wellbeing is all about…. getting you moving, feeling better and staying that way!

We are a growing business based in Kingsbridge, South Devon who combine Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Massage and Fitness Instruction to individuals who want to get the most out of their bodies.

We are committed to learning heaps about how our body and mind works. This helps us understand and figure out why you are in pain and can’t do the things you want to do. Working towards your goals is then easy as together, we can make the changes needed to get you moving and feeling great.

Our team are all wonderful and unique with their own special interests and knowledge. So, we can match you up to see the right person who can help you most. We also work together as two minds are always better than one!

Awareness is ‘Quay’ to helping you. Then you can start understanding and making the changes needed in your body to achieve your goals. We believe understanding and treating the cause of the problems and not just treating the symptoms, is the best way to get you…… where you want to go!

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Words From Clients


I had previously visited several physios in the Greater London area, who provided a ‘quick fix’ for the problem I was having with my knee. Invariably, the pain returned and I was almost resigned to the notion that the condition was permanent. I visited QuayPhysio on the recommendation of a friend and it became clear very quickly just what an exceptional place it is. They were relentless in their determination to discover the source of the problem. Then they worked out a sensible and workable programme for me to help rehabilitate my knee. QuayPhysio’s approach is unique, in my experience, in that they take the time to analyse how the body is moving as a whole and really get to the root of the issue. I cannot recommend QuayPhysio highly enough: They are outstanding in their field.

Nola, Devon


The words serendipity, transformational and life changing are relevant and appropriate. Over twenty five years of searching in ever decreasing circles for help and relief, for a “chronic” back condition, finally lead me to the door to Quay Physio. From my first consultation, I knew it was going to be different. I was treated as an individual, my history was carefully researched, documented and understood. I was asked what I wanted to achieve, not told what I would be given. I was assessed and a clear plan of treatment was explained, agreed, (not imposed) and started. The outcomes were quick, successful and long lasting, both physically and mentality. Quay Physio is a unique practice which excels in its quality, it’s environment, it’s customer service, and the personal approach to individuals. My life has changed, yours can too, heartfelt thanks to Vic and the team.

Desmond, Devon


I have, over the years, seen many Physiotherapists in cities throughout the world but I can state without any fear of contradiction that following my treatment at QuayPhysio, the bar has been raised on how one should expect to be treated. The basic philosophy of treating the cause not necessarily the symptoms has been a real eye opener, with truly amazing results. I have got rid of niggles and pains I have had for years that I thought I had to live with. It would not be too extravagant to say it has been a life changing experience!

Mike, Devon


Since starting to compete in Triathlon I have sought Physio and sports massage support from QuayPhysio. I train daily, often twice a day so regular sports massage to complement my stretching routine is essential to keep my muscles as flexible as possible. This combined with the excellent tailored Physiotherapy and Fitness Training I have received when I have had to deal with injury and technique adjustment has enabled me to continue to compete. The team provide a professional but a comfortable and friendly service, which I feel very confident with.

Sarah, British Paratriathlon Team